survey results  What started your jockstrap fetish?

"Seeing my hot brother's jockstrap in his gym bag!"

"Junior High Athletics—I would steal the other boys’ jocks.  I still did it through high school."

"I saw my dad in a jockstrap and I've been obsessed about them ever since."

"Man, I was born with it."

"It's actually very common to get erections at the age of 12, no matter what you wear, but when I started playing baseball, the pieces all fell into place.  Nothing better than wearing a uni and a jock."

"Having sex with the captain of the football team in jr HS."

"Seeing other guys wearing one for P.E. and football."

"It had to have been the first time I saw the baseball coach in a jockstrap, before I started playing.  Memories of being in HS and taking those jocks for my pleasure."

"Probably high school gym class."

"Ever since my first strap at age 12, totally hooked and obsessed.  Hard as a rock seeing white strap lines, jock band, supporter boxes in the sporting goods stores, gear with strap showing.  The feel, the look, the words: it all revolves around a jockstrap."

"High school gym. Small sport team initiation and exercise sessions."

"My brothers were all into sports. Always a jock lying around the bedroom we all shared. Loved watching them jock up for baseball or karate."

"Saw guys wearing them in the locker room. I love the feeling of support for my cock and balls while my bare ass cheeks are stroked by my jeans."

"My friends brother was over and for some reason (cant remember why) I put on a jock and I was wearing it under my shorts and he pulled my shorts of revealing it, ever since then I think if that I had such an erection that day, I was it could happen again, every time he came over we would play the same game then we would look at porn."

"Seeing others in locker room setting."

"When I saw a muscular and hairy man about 30 years old, put on a Bike cup supporter (minus the cup) at the municipal pool when I was about 10 years old."

"Not sure - Seeing pictures of men in them, I think. It's as if the obsession always existed."

"Got my 1st one in 7th grade gym, and I don't know—it obsessed me. What a look when a well built athlete is wearing nothing but a jock, and to think of what that thing is doing under a singlet or football pants. It is such an important item; shows off the body but still leaves some room for imagination. Still in awe."

"The moment I discovered my father's jockstrap at the age of 9."

"Seeing guys at school having to wear them for sports, then the thrill of getting my first one when I was old enough. Haven’t looked back since!"

"When I saw men playing basketball—and seeing the jockstraps they wore—I started to get aroused."

"Started in 7th grade when we had to have jockstraps for PE class. Got hard the first time I put on my BIKE #10 and knew how special the jockstrap was going to be."

"My Football teammates wore hard cup/jock combos; never washed them until the end of the week, Friday.  From Monday afternoon till Friday afternoon the aroma of fresh teenage, sweet-smelling, sweaty jock straps filled the locker room.  A sign of teens becoming men and the gang showers where the male bastion showed off the different sizes of penis and thus the different stages of puberty.  I was forever hooked on the smell of the jocks & the protective cups that hold the testicles in a safe place (protection of the family jewels!!)."

"Wearing one for jr. high gym class everyday."

"Freshman year in HS—required wearing. The first time I saw the older guys in nothing but jocks, I got hard instantly.  Took several years for me to understand why a jock was such a turn-on for me.  Been collecting them since my 40s.  Been wearing them almost daily for 10+ years.  The thing I like best about jocks is the mystique, some parts exposed but knowing the best part is inside the pouch."

"Got my first one during lunchtime… was doing Saturday job and went to sporting goods store on my break. I was so nervous I could hardly talk, but I managed to ask for a jockstrap. I was shaking so much I could only just hand the money over.  I undressed in the men’s room at work and put it on under my work clothes.  I think I had an erection all afternoon and couldn’t stop thinking about it.  I couldn’t go to take it off and I was desperate to look at it and feel it without pants on. My parents were out for the evening and I spent the evening around the house strapped and in heaven.  I wore it under my PJs in bed that night and for many nights after.  I wore it when I took a bath to wash it and often wore it all day. My closest call was late one night when I went to the kitchen for a drink and my dad saw the top of the waistband over my PJs.  He thought I was wearing my underpants and told me to take them off at night.  I still don’t know if he guessed!  I still wear one most of the time."

"The instant realization, at 15, in the school locker-room, that this was the ultimate male garment: pouch for cock and balls, straps for butt rear view. Perfection!"

"Around age 13, we were told not to wear underwear for PE and that we should buy an athletic supporter if we were uncomfortable with just shorts.  Didn’t know what an athletic supporter was, but wanted to find out!  A friend turned up at school one day and asked another friend to feel his bulge.  He dropped his pants to show he was wearing a cup and strap. He wore it all day. I bought one secretly and wore it to school one day as well but I never told anyone. From then on I slept with the strap on most nights and often wore it with a cup when I was out delivering newspapers."

"Wearing a jockstrap in my junior high PE class.  They were mandatory back then (1976)."

"The first time I held one in my hands and imagined the pouch holding my genitals with my bare buns being exposed, I got an instant erection. Even at 14, I was impressed with how it bulged when I put it on."

"Saw guys wearing them in locker rooms; made me feel hot and horny!"

"Just the fact they frame tight ass cheeks and leave them exposed, while concealing a big thick cock!"

"Saw one in a sports goods store and bought it, got aroused wearing it."

"Seeing ads for athletic supporters in newspapers, magazines, and catalogs made me aware of jockstraps, but pulling on my first strap—that supremely erotic sensation—instantly hooked me for life."

"Football players wearing them and seeing them through their uniforms."

"Enjoyed the arousing feelings (I had an instant hard-on) I experienced the first time I took one out of the box and tried to figure out how to put it on. Still, many years later, get aroused every time I put a strap on."

I saw my brother and his friends hanging out in his room wearing their jockstraps.

Locker rooms in high school with guys in jock straps parading around. Pant.

It was the summer when I was 10. A small men’s changing room at a lake near where I lived. A real hot guy about 30 left his jock in the room just before me. I held and smelled it and thought about the guy. Ooh so hot. I think now that he left it there intentionally for me to find it. I hope he found it as hot as I did.

First, I tried on my dad's. I think I put it on backwards. I had to wear one for sports. I'd wear it in my bedroom and look at myself in the mirror and get off in it sometimes. But I've gotten way more into jocks years later thanks to pics and stuff on the net.

Finding my dad’s, wearing it.

Seeing jockstraps in catalogs and having PE coach tell us we had to wear one. Got hard as soon as I pulled the jockstrap out of the box the very first time. Been obsessed ever since.

I saw a friend wearing one in the locker-room at age 10, i didn't know what that strange looking clothing were but it looked damn hot and sexy. I didn't get one until a few years later…

The first time a ever wore a jock my dad ask if I needed one for football spring training. I said I did not know so he said I should wear one anyway. He bought the jock, gave it to me and said don’t put it on backwards and laughed. The first time I put it on I got hard as soon as I got it out of the box and looked at it. After putting it on I was hooked.

Had to wear a jockstrap for PE.  Was really turned on by the feel and look—not only of myself but of the other guys in the locker-room.  Knew I was gay at 14, but still joined the track team.  Loved to see my teammates put on their jockstraps, as I checked out their bulges and strapped asses.

Seeing my Dad's jock on top of the hamper. He had just gotten in from the spa and left it there. It was still warm. I put it on and jacked off, thinking of my Dad's big cock and balls that where just in it.

Been into jocks since I was 13. First jock was a BIKE 10, youth, wheel logo, no stripes on band. Just seeing one in the sporting goods aisle, laying on the locker room floor or bench, putting one on gets me hard! Wore a BIKE for PE and sports in Jr Hi, High School and College. Love the way the jock band has a way of riding up over gym shorts or jeans! Now I wear my jock showing on purpose!

Being required to wear shared jocks in high school.  We were issued a towel, t-shirt, and jockstrap each day at PE in high school.  The idea of wearing jocks worn by other guys got me uncomfortable and horny!

The ads in Boys Life magazine, the boy scout magazine.  The older guys in the changing room at summer camp all wore jocks under their swim suits, and they masturbated at night in circle jerks.  I had a sense that a jock meant I wasn't queer (I am).

Putting on my first strap started it!

I’m just so turned on seeing a guy with his jockstrap on.  I played a lot of sports in high school and college and loved looking at guys’ jocks.  I even stole a few of my teammates’ dirty jocks and would take them home and smell them while I jerked off, over and over.  It was so great when they were still wet with sweat.  I could pretend I was going down on my teammate with his jock on...

First strap in little league, been obsessed ever since.

Had to buy one for gym class. Used to sneak into the linen closet and try it on. Loved the look and feel of it. ALWAYS got hard putting it on. IMMEDIATELY got an erection.

My first year in jr. high when we were required to wear one and I was completely turned on by how guys looked in them and I how felt in one. Our squad leader would have to walk through our squad each day and we had to show the waistband to prove we had one was a start of a fetish, still going strong.

Wore a jockstrap when I played high school soccer, but didn't really evolve into a strong fetish until recently: “someone” bought me one and told me that they had a strong interest in them also!!!  Since that point in my life I have bought a few jocks and now wear them on a daily basis under jeans, to work, to the gym, everything (even sleep in them).

Fell in love with jocks at the age of 12 (1980) and have been hooked ever since.

The older guys in gym class and after school sports. We were required to wear a jockstrap every day in PE and during sports.  Always associated jocks with hot men who work out.

My first jock was part of my HS gym gear. I took it home and immediately went to the bathroom, put it on and jerked off with the pouch still covering my balls. ever since then, a jock is synonymous with hot, built men, sweat, cum and man-scent.

When I was 14 I stole a jockstrap from my best friend, but before that I had always wanted one.

Popped a boner when I put on a strap for the first time, age 12. Overwhelming arousal caused my first cum-producing orgasm.

Realizing (at 15!) that a jockstrap is the ultimate badge of manhood. Never looked back!

Seeing a gay sex scene in a video with one of the guys wearing a jock.

As a sophomore in high school, I accidentally walked in on my gym coach while he was punishing one of the senior boys in his office. The coach had him over his knee, and the guy's gym shorts were down around his ankles. He had on a jockstrap, and his butt was bright red from the paddling he was receiving. I'd been aroused by supporters before this, however the sight of this boy being spanked in one really reinforced this for me. Been into jocks and spanking guys ever since.

I was required to wear a jockstrap for the first time in high school PE class. It was a cotton Champion Atlas. I recall trembling with a combination of fear and lust that first day in the locker room. It was a thrill to see the other boys, some well into puberty with thick pubic shrubbery, strutting around in their athletic supporters. I was always afraid of getting a bone, even though I was in complete denial of my homosexual orientation. I was hooked on jockstraps from that moment on.

With Florida's beautiful beaches I would go to the beaches often, especially during the summer when out of school. Before leaving the beach each day, i would go into the men’s changing room to shower and change. This one afternoon, at age 16, i went in, removed my trunks and began to shower. I was young, innocent, and naive to sex at that age. Still a virgin and never even had an orgasm. A man, probably in his 30's came in, hung his swimsuit and a jock, and showered. I saw his strap hanging there and always wanted one. I got out of my shower and began drying off, but took my time as i looked at that strap hanging on that hook. I can remember it well. It was wet, a beige nylon type and the pouch remained formed from cupping his manhood. It was a snug size pouch and had obviously done what is was supposed to because it remained contoured from what it had been supporting. The man must have seen me looking at it and that I did not have one. As he got out of the shower and began drying, he said hello, and in a friendly kind of way stated how helpful those things are. It was not a sexual kind of thing as he was not erect even though i was semi-erect. What 16 year old isn't. He must have recognized that i was young and understood i could get aroused at looking at something like a strap. We had a small discussion about them, he suggested i get one, i thanked him, and we each went our own way. I want to thank men like that who offer guidance when they see it could be needed. I appreciated it and would do the same if i were in his situation. I now still wear jocks and appreciate the support while exercising, running, etc and am still enjoying Florida.

I was 12 years old and I had to have a jockstrap for 7th grade gym class. My dad told me to try it on to see if it fit ok before school started. I went to my room and took my pants and shorts off. I started to get hard while I took it out of the box. When I pulled up the waist band and felt it grip my package while leaving my butt exposed, I got a rock hard boner. I started rubbing the pouch while I looked in the mirror at the pouch tent. I felt a strange feeling and got the pouch pulled aside before I shot off. It was my first time.

Seeing the high school football team get ready for a game - all of them pulling up their jockstraps and putting in the cup.

I guess when my Mom bought it for me as she held it up in front of me to check the size. After that I was off to the races beating my cock

The feel of my first one was very erotic and hasn't diminished over time.  I have quite a collection of various makes and styles, but the swimmer style is my favorite.

We used to go camping as a family -- my mother/father/brother/sister and me. This was when my brother, sister and I were 13-18.  My father told my brother and me that it was "helpful" to wear a jock strap under our pajamas so that when we got dressed in the tent in the morning our morning erections wouldn’t be sticking out in front of our mother and sister.  Once my brother and father were out and I was getting dressed in the tent with my mother and sister. I was 15 and my sister was 17. My sister noticed my erection in my jockstrap and said "did you have that thing all night?" I sheepishly said yes and she said that I should relieve myself after she and my mom left the tent. They had a good laugh and I did too as I sat there in my bulging jockstrap waiting for them to leave the tent. As my mom and sister left the tent they both gave me a small kiss on my cheek and said "have a nice time." My mom gave me some suntan lotion and said "this will make it nice and slippery." I have been j/o in my jock ever since.

At age 8, my dad got me in Pop Warner Football. He was a high school football coach so this was expected. Just before our first practice, he came into my room with my gear. He said he would show me how to put the gear on. First he said, I had to now wear a jock and cup for football. He told me to strip down and he did too. He had his jock and cup there and showed me how to wear it. He made me wear a regular Bike jock and then put a Bike cup jock over it. He said the two would give me better support and comfort. He put his on and helped me in to mine. Then we put on our cup jocks. I felt very proud standing there wearing a jock with my dad. Then he helped me on with the pads. Fetish began shortly after. I would peddle my bike to the high school after my school where my dad's team was practicing. Dad set me up with a locker with the team to change in to my pads since my practice started right after the HS. I got to change in with the HS football jocks. They'd tease me some times, but mostly were really great. There was no embarrassment on being in jocks or naked. Once in pads, I could then go out on the field with them and toss the ball, run after some bad passes, and do some of the warm-ups, drills, and laps. They all took me on as their little football jock mascot. It was great knowing what they looked like without pads and being able to do things with them. We would then go to my practice that lasted 2 hours, so I was in pads almost 6 hours every day. I stayed in football up to junior college.

It started in jr high and continues to today.

Junior High gym class... I was hooked from there on out…

I had to wear a jock for middle school gym, and to see my bulge and feel tight material of the jock makes me so horny.

I grew up in the 80s and remember the high school football players and coaches in the locker room. I was instantly hooked. For me to be turned on it has to be straight guys wearing them normally: sports or gym.

I was staying at a mates house when we were 13 and we were talking about school (he went to a different school to me) and he mentioned something about a jockstrap. i asked what one was and he was surprised and laughed at me. he then told me how they hold ur balls in place while completely exposing ur ass. i was amazed. the next time i visited, i waited til he was asleep, went in his underwear drawer and found the most sacred of items. instantly got hard and i stole it. next time i went there he mentioned that he got a new jock cos his other one went missing!

Seeing my dad wear a jockstrap. We were in a public shower room. All of the sudden (it seemed like slow motion) I noticed him untying his bathing suit. He slipped it off naturally and began to shower. I had never seen him in a jock and I was glued to his body. The waist strap had a blue stripe and was carefully above his butt. He pulled the leg straps away from his crack while adjusting his pouch so that his penis was completely horizontal in the pouch.  He turned to me and suggested that I take off my Speedo and shower nude. I was scared but complied.  He began to tell me that I was old enough to wear a jockstrap. Dad stated that it would lift me testicles and penis in a secure position. He also was worried that a Speedo lining did not give me enough support.  The next week after he bought me a jock. I decided to put it on under my suit and show my dad who was in his underwear.  I felt powerful stripping off my Speedo and showing dad my jock. I felt safe and confident presenting myself.

My best friend had one in his dresser at home, it was too small for me but i tried my hardest to make it fit. I still have it and occasionally jack off to it now.

Easy - I started playing football. The fetish most solidified when I got together with the other big, beefy, hairy starting tackle. Him fucking me while we were both strapped cemented the fetish very deeply.

I got my first jock, a Trump, at age 12, for junior high PE class. I had never seen a jock before, but once I opened the box for the first time, I instantly knew there was something really great about jocks. I've had this fetish for over 36 years and it's stronger than ever.

In high school a buddy of mine was sniffin' a 'STRAP'.  He held it up to my nose and I EXPLODED in like 20 seconds. Later in college I stole dudes 'STRAPS' and collected 'em. Now I enjoy at least 4 'STRAP J/O' each day.

I have always found the Jockstrap to be very interesting and that just about all guys wear Jockstraps for active sports. The thought of a certain piece of clothing being worn by all athletic males gay or str8 is erotic. Since then I have bought, stolen, and even made my own Jockstraps and have currently about 50+ in my collection.

Saw a jockstrap once in high school, a guy in PE class was wearing a jock over his briefs.  Got me wondering what it was like to wear one. Then I saw my year-older cousin’s Bike jockstrap in his underwear drawer. When I tried the jockstrap on it gave me a good hard-on and I ended up walking around the room with it on, posing in front of the mirror.  I did it a lot of other times, always finishing by beating-off.  Been hooked on it since.

My first introduction to jock straps was in the school locker room. I had been on the school soccer team and several of the guys wore jocks. I can still picture them striping down to put on their jock or walking around the locker room with their huge bulges and their tight asses framed by the sweaty, white straps.  The first time that I ever wore a jockstrap, however, was when I got home early from practice and witnessed my father J/O in his jock. I waited until I was home alone, striped naked, and slipped his jock on. It made me really hot and horny to know that my cock was where his had been.  I started taking guy's jocks from the locker room and learned to love sniffing the deep scent of their sweaty crotch as I J/O my hard cock, imagining their hard, sweaty bodies as I humped my pillow and shot my load into the pouch. Even better was to wear my cum-filled prize in the locker room the next day right in front of the guy whom I had taken it from. I'd later leave it in the locker room and make it appear as though it had just shown up out of nowhere. It made me horny as hell to watch another guy slip on a jock that I had cum in, especially when the pouch was still nice and wet and soaked with my load.

Visiting the underwear section of men's department store & seeing all those beautiful bodies on advertisements for underwear - all kinds, including jock straps. Also, seeing guys in locker rooms wearing jock straps turns me on.

I got my first jock at age 6. It was just my dad and older brothers in the house. I was used to seeing them and dad in jocks around the house and working out in the "gym" (converted garage). And in a small 2 bedroom 1 bath home, modesty wasn't a concern. I had just joined real junior baseball. They called me into the gym and when I got in there, they were all in their jocks. They told me it was my first jock ceremony since I was becomming a real athlete. I stripped down. My brothers took me outside (we lived in the country) and buzzed my head like theirs. We went back in and I showered to get off all the little hairs. After the shower, my older brother (14) presented me with a Bike boys small jock. Both brothers helped me on with it. Dad snapped some pictures of the ceremony and then had us line up for his boys family jock picture. Boy was I proud that day to get this jock and feel part of the family. I don't think I took it off for days. I could now work out in our gym like them in just a jock. That fall I went out for pee-wee football and they did another ceremony presenting me with my first cup jock. I continued in baseball and football then later boxing at age 10 throughout school. I still enjoy being strapped and cup especially when I work out.

Found jocks in locker rooms while in high school. Have been collecting them ever since. Real turn on to find a jock and put it on.

Junior high gym class and seeing my classmates wearing them, listening to my hot gym teachers talk about why we had to wear them.

My dad was a coach. From age 4 I used to go to his school and watch the afternoon practices and matches. Afterwards, I'd be in the locker room till Dad took me home. I'd see all the athletes strip to jocks, and then throw their jocks in a large hamper for washing. I saw Dad wearing a jock much like this many times. He also was built like this fellow, but stood six-three barefoot. I got hooked on jocks, and as soon as I was old enough and large enough, I'd swipe dad's jocks and wear them. He has some really old ones that he called his "lucky jocks" having won some very important games in them. He wore them on special occasions, and laundered them sparingly so as to prolong their life. I have some now, and love to slip them on.


Got my first jockstrap at 15. I became erect just trying it on for the first time, but resisted the urge to masturbate. I grew up thinking tuff guys didn’t play with themselves. I only wore it when focused on physical activities like sports and gym. By 16, I wanted to wear jockstraps more. It seemed to be the trademark masculine thing to do, next to wearing white socks and other sports gear. I was dating my first real girlfriend, and decided not to worry about getting boned in my jock. I still had a hang up about jerking off, but would sit in my room alone and strapped, enjoying a hardon for kicks. The look of it straining against the pouch was manly and virile. I would go to sleep and sometimes have a wet dream in my jock. Would wear it the next day, knowing I had marked my territory. One night hanging out, I wondered what it would be like to have a wife who let me hump her wearing a jock. I got carried away practicing on a bed pillow, and shot my wad through the mesh. It looked awesome. I felt proud of being a healthy, strapped male. By 17-18, I was wearing a jockstrap basically 24 hours a day. Rubbing off through the pouch became a private sport. After playing softball or working out, I often spooged a jock and wore it again for confidence in my athletic abilities. I always dated girls, but this secretly continued throughout my 20s. By 30, I finally admitted to myself I had a real jock and sports gear fetish. I’m still not married, and have gotten into long-term edging, seeing how many days I can hold off busting a major nut wearing a jock and socks. I get stoned on the endorphins, and walk around constantly on the verge of getting stiff in my jockstrap.


When I was 13 my dad had a nice black jockstrap (I’m white) so it stood out.  I loved the feeling that my cock had been where someone’s sweaty cock had been. At my high school the lockers have little holes in them and I always stuck little sticks and stuff in there to steal them and I would sniff them.


Getting one for high school phys. ed. The first time I wore it to gym class was a pleasant surprise, it felt so light and comfortable and allowed such freedom of movement. I have been a fan ever since.


In 7th grade our coach told us to get jocks. I didn't get one then, but I shared a locker with a friend who had one and I loved to sniff his!


The feel of the tight pouch was so different from jockey shorts. I felt exposed in the locker room and got hard immediately. I did a lot of track and used to get turned on seeing the leg straps when the guys were bent over on the starting blocks in their split leg shorts.


My father started me out when we were going swimming he gave me one of my brothers jocks that he outgrew. When I strapped on the jock now I felt grown up just like him. I wear jocks swimming and jogging.


Receiving my first jock in high school is where my fetish started. P.E. was mandatory in freshman year. I later raunched that cotton Champion Atlas strap to death, loading it with piss and cum.


At age 11, when I saw my dad's jock hanging above the bathtub drying after laundering. At age 12, getting my first jock for Jr High PE and slipping it on for the first time. Got a raging hard-on. Loved how it supported snugly my balls, cock and penis. It was a sexual awakening for me and a few months later as a result had my first orgasm and ejaculation of man seed. Hot! At age 15, bought my first cups and became a devoted athletic cup fetishist then. Also jacked off to BIKE athletic supporter ads in Boys Life and pics of jocks and cups in Sears Roebuck and Montgomery-Wards catalogs in the heady years of my teens.


I stayed at the home of a family friend who had a son about 4 years older than I and he was in the Navy at the time. I discovered his jockstraps in his gym bag while "snooping" around their house. Not only was it my first experience with a jockstrap, but it led to my very first conscious ejaculation.


Needing one for PE in junior high started it all. For 1 year, I lived in a house up against the junior high sports field. I frequently found jockstraps lying on the field in the afternoons. I'd pick them up! (Of course I swear everyone from all the other houses saw me do it, but I'll never know for sure.)


My dad's swimmer jock in his dresser drawer. I found it - tried it on - and finally found the balls (so to speak) to let him check me out in it. He thought it was the right size for me.


As a teen, my next door neighbor Rick was a few years older than me. He was on the varsity wrestling team and I would go watch him. One night, he asked if I needed a ride. He didn't shower at the gym and we went to his house when we got home. He invited me to his room and I sat as he peeled-off his wrestling kit. My God, he wore a Bike XL with the biggest set of nuts I ever saw! well, he peeled out of his jock and let it drop to the floor, wrapped a towel around his waist and headed down stairs to shower. I waited a second and picked up the cup jock. I put it to my face like it was an oxygen mask and inhaled his man funk. The next thing I knew, my cock was out and I was wacking for all I was worth! I must have lost track of time cause before I could shoot, Rick was standing over me with a huge tent in his towel. He smiled and said, "I kinda figured you for a freak and pulled-off his towel. I was expecting him to force me to suck him, but instead, he opened the attic door and pulled-out a cardboard box. He sort of tossed it to me and said, "Here put one on." the box was full of jocks! All types from swimmer's to cup jocks, all filled with unique and different scents. As I browsed, Rick slipped his jock back on, pulled-out the cup and straddled his bed.  I was so nervous.  After what seemed like eternity, I chose a Bike Jock and peeled off my clothes to put it on. I stood there with a raging hard-on watching Rick jack-off. He motioned me to the be and I laid next to him, shaking and scared. He leaned forward and kissed me. GOD, I was tasting man spit! I was in Heaven! Well, that night was my first time with a guy and my first jock. We sucked, licked balls and he even tongue fucked me. A couple years later after a few hundred sessions, Rick joined the Marines. But, before he left, he gave me his box of jocks and I've had them ever since


I was 13 when my older cousin taught me how to jack off and he was wearing one. He pulled the pouch over to one side and jacked off. I was hooked right away. He gave me one of his old Bikes to wear and I kept it for years.


I was in the Army and saw some guy wearing his jock into the shower room. The sight made me so hard I had to put the towel in front of me, barely got into one of the cubicles and took 2-3 jerks and shot into the toilet.


When I was 12 there was a student/teacher basketball game and after the game I went to the locker room to find my brother. There were high school boys and coaches naked and in jock straps. I was hooked!


I was looking at a mag with shots of a dude having sex wearing a jock.


I was about 8-9 and I saw them dressing, back when men wore jocks under adult swim wear, in the swimming pool locker. These guys were 16-18. They all had bigger penis' than I and they had all the luxurious dark bush. I always went to check out the older guys when they went to the locker rooms after that!


In third grade my friend played hockey and I would sit in his bedroom watching him put on his gear by starting with his cup supporter. I knew that cup supporter was a very important piece of equipment and I wanted one of my own from that first sight. A few years later, I was going through an old dresser in the basement and found two Bike number 10 athletic supporters that were my father's from high school. I started to use his old jocks for playing tennis because I was too embarrassed to ask my parents to buy me a couple of jocks. Boxer shorts were popular in high school but they did not offer any support for my testicals, so I would get to the locker room early to put on one of my 'inherited' jockstrap before tennis practice. In the early 80's jockstraps were not cool. I only wish that I had the courage to ask my Mom to drive me down to the sporting goods store and buy me my own jocks. I also wish that I would have had the confidence to put on my jockstrap in front of my jock-less teammates.


I had to buy a jockstrap for gym class my freshman year of prep school. I went to Magge's Sports Store on Cermak Road in Chicago and bought a Bike Number 10, size small, for 88 cents. I have been hooked ever since, and, at age 59, have amassed a collection of over 2,000 jockstraps.


I went to an all boys prep school for Jr High and HS. We were made to wear jocks and some of the guys looked really hot horsing around in them in the locker room. I started "borrowing" jocks out of their lockers and filling them with loads and putting them back. I did that all through HS and no one ever knew or cared. The smell of young jock sweat gives me a boner and makes me cum to this day.


When I was in Junior High School, I first noticed how guys would love to snap jocks in PE class. Later, at summer camp, I was fascinated how guys would leave their "unmentionables" out to dry. When I grew a bit older, I used to love looking through a peephole in the locker room of the men's swimming pool at CCNY. College-age guys would swim the length of the pool in just their jockstraps. That really got me fixated. Even today, the mere glimpse of a jockstrap under a uniform, singlet, or swimsuit is enough to set me on edge!


Seeing hot guys in the locker room in High School. Enjoy the sight of a man in a strap. Like the snug fit around my waist and the strap criss-crossing a man's hairy ass. Great symbol of masculinity.


Little league coach with his strap under gray sweats, had to buy my own for baseball.


First jockstrap from junior high PE-- slipped it on and instantly got hard. First time I ever came I was wearing that jock. Had the fetish ever since...


Saw several guys on the beach in Speedos with their swim supporter showing. I had always used trunks. I left the beach to go to a gear shop and bought a Speedo and a B&B swim jock. I have been hooked on all styles of jocks, sports clothing and lycra gear since.


Seeing guys in the locker-room in High School--what joy, what torment. Hugh, you never knew it but you started it all. The memories of you in a jockstrap will keep me warm forever!


Getting my first jockstrap in school. Wore it for gym. When I turned 16, I wore it all the time under my Levis 501s.


I remember seeing my brother's jockstrap hanging in the shower. I think it started back then. After that I couldn't wait until Junior High School because I knew jockstraps would be essential equipment for PE and that I'd get one then. I remember getting that first jockstrap, it was a Protex and I got so hard putting it on. I had a hard on every time I put that jockstrap on and it was a problem in gym class. I was always worried that the other guys would see my hard on but if anyone did, they never said anything about it. My favorite brand of jockstrap is definitely Bike. I think that is because my brother's jockstrap was a Bike.


I had an older brother who had a lot of athletic friends. My Bro would let me tag along with him almost everywhere even to their mutual masturbation sessions. These guys were hot. I didn't want them to know I was thinking about them while I was jerking off, but since I hadn't reached puberty and they had the sight of their white jiz shots into the air left me amazed. I idolized them and began to want to pull them off to make them jiz.  Over time I started sneaking into their gym bags to be close to their sweaty jocks and underwear when they would either stop off at or sleep over at our house. I got pretty bold.


Seeing my dad in one. My father is an avid runner and bodybuilder. He never wore underwear, but always had a jockstrap on. Since the age of 10, I have worn a jockstrap. I am now 33. I love the feel of a jock under a tight pair of jeans!


My strap fetish started when I met a guy in the New York subway bathroom. he came in with jogging shorts, and his jockstrap was showing and he noticed that I took an interest and we played he made me sniff his jockstrap. it was nice and sweaty and i enjoyed and have not looked back since.


I was nine or ten and taking swimming lessons at the "Y". we did not have to wear them, but I saw older boys wearing them in the locker room. I didn't know what they were or what they were called but I was intrigued. I looked at the way they outlined a guy's ass, and the way his balls hung low while he bent to take it off or put it on. they just seemed to emphasize the male body. at the start of sixth grade the gym teacher told us we had to buy and wear jock straps. I went with my friends to the mall. the guy at the sporting goods department asked what size. we didn't know. he took a tape measure and measured around our waists.  the first day we dressed for gym, mr fredericks the gym teacher had us all sit in the locker room while he laid things out. we all had to wear jocks to protect our "family jewels". we all had to strip and take a shower at the end of class. he said we should not be embarrassed because we were all men and we all had the same equipment. I knew from the "Y" that this was not true. turned out I was one of only two boys among the 30 or so who had any pubic hair and I had a big dick for my age. I did not brag but I got lots of attention, especially at first.


First jock for little league, been TOTALLY hooked on the athletic supporter ever since. new or used. nothing makes me hornier than wearing, seeing, playing with, or talking about jockstrap.


Have always been athletic and currently I am an assistant coach at a local college here in the Cleveland, Ohio area in football, hockey and tennis. Thus, I have plenty of opportune times to explore, sniff, steal and experience the taste/scent of the male jockstraps worn by my athletes/other coaches.


When I was about 14 I was walking in the woods and found one. I knew what it was and found it very sexually exciting.  I was alone and put it on over the shorts I was wearing. I then hid it in my pocket, took it home and stripped naked in the bathroom to try it on again.


I knew I was a faggot in high school when I got a hard-on when I saw other boys in their jock straps.


Jocks were required gear for 7th grade PE. My friends who were Little League Baseball players had always talked about wearing them, but I'd never actually seen one before. So after buying my gym shorts, socks, and jock, I could hardly wait to see exactly what was in the orange box. I took it out, put it on, and my instant boner told me this was a SPECIAL piece of clothing.


Jocks were mandatory in Jr. High, I was fascinated by them before I ever laid my eyes on them. I have a large collection of jocks and underwear. I have been drawn to underwear since I was about 12 or 13 years old, it will always be a fetish for me.


Seeing my dad's, and seeing Bike jock ads in Boys Life magazines.


Had older neighbor who was a football player and saw his hanging on the clothes line one day. Wasn't sure what it really was, but then took swimming lessons at the Y and saw a bunch of guys wearing them in the locker room. It just turned me on to see al those strapped assess running round. When I got to jr. high, they required them for PE. I remember the first time we had to change into them in the locker room, a couple of guys got hard. I started jacking off in my jock pretty soon after that.


My older bro gave me my first jockstrap when I was 9. (I used to wear Speedos for swimming that summer, and he noticed that my dick was showing outside of my suit.) He said it was time for me to start wearing a jock. (I had seen him wearing one for a yr.-- he was 3 yrs. older than me.) He showed me how to wear it, and I was hooked!


Loved the feel, smell and look of a jock when we had to have them for 7th grade P.E. From then on it was one of my all time favorite turn-on's. When I'm wearing one, I'm usually hard and whenever I take one off, it's wet with pre-cum. Hmmmmmmm.  I luv em.  I spent a lot of time browsing sporting goods stores in Jr. High.


When I first put one on in 9th grade! Also, I got turned on by the jockstrap inspection in junior high where a senior guy would check us on the field to make sure we were wearing a jockstrap.


First time I saw a Lifeguard in a changing room in a strap- A BUILT man, big muscles and a 6-pak. I was 8 and got a HARD erection!


A HOT young married neighbor when I was a kid was a former Marine.

His jock was the first I ever saw hanging on his clothesline. He became my Big Brother, taking his dog on walks in the woods, buying me a model kit of a B-52 and a battleship. One day I was in his house to take out the dog. He wasn't home so I went into his bureau, found his strap and put it on. Whammo- instant HARDON! From that day on I begged my mother to let me buy my first jock.


Seeing guys I was attracted to in their jocks after football practice in high school- many would linger around for a while talking or horsing around with each other with semi or full on erections! Jock obsession went into full swing when I was in the navy and found a dozen or so guys in NucSchool who would talk about their jocks and jack off at the urinals wearing jocks in the e-club.


Seeing my junior high school buddy's older brother in his jock. He had gym class before ours and their class ran over a few minutes so he was in the locker room. I got to see him in his jockstrap and out of it.


Seeing older guys in the locker room wearing them, knowing what lay beneath. I became a trainer on my high school football team just to have access to used jockstraps. I still have about 100 or so that I have stolen from lockers throughout my school years, and another 100 or so I have collected over the Internet. Having a guy wear one during sex, then giving it to me is like capturing a trophy.


I saw someone wearing one on my soccer team and was turned on instantly. I knew I had to have one.  Told my parents that it was required for PE at school so that they would have to by me one. I have been hooked ever since. I still love to be in a locker room and see a hot guy wearing one.


Seeing guys strut in their jocks in gym, my brother's hand-me-down jock, my first. Also, seeing dudes at the gym change into & out of their straps when working out. football player ass straps, etc.


I stole my first strap in 8th grade from the locker room and I got a woody right away. I have been loved them ever since.


First jock I ever saw was my brother's hockey jock & cup. Snatched it from his hockey bag once and tried it on -- I was hooked! Loved the straps. Loved the hard cup. Made me hard right away -- became a true symbol of manhood for me.


Interest began in sixth grade gym class where we were required to wear one and then to shower with the seventh and eighth graders who were entering puberty.


Saw one pictured in a store catalog when I was a kid and knew I had to have it.


I found it in my dad's drawer. He put it there after he worked out in the public gym, he didn't wash it. I saw his bulge still in the jock. it was so sweaty it attracted me, I put it on and jerked off in it all night. He kind of passed it down to me as i felt I needed one and he didn't need his anymore.


I found it and the first second I realized what it was I got an erection and then masturbated.


It was borrowed from the older brother of a friend. I saw it in his room and had to have it to play with. I took it home tried it on, jacked off and later took it back. I don't think he knew.


In gym class, it was a swimmers jock and you could see through it especially when wet. I still have my jock from high school and that was 20 years ago.


I had never owned one until I was in my 20s. Finally I went and bought two or three. The unique feel launched me on a 6 week masturbation frenzy.


My older brother gave me his old one and I was hooked!


I was 14 and just went into Jr. High. We had to wear jocks for gym so my Dad took me out to buy one. He wasn't sure what size to get so I had to try it on in the dressing room. I even had to come out and show him how it fit. I've been hooked ever since!!


I remember the first time I wore a jock... was a friend's from high school gym. I liked the smell, then I wore it while I stroked on my dick till I got my nut.


...soon as I pulled it on I came in it.


It was the jock-strap that my dad had got for me at the drugstore (J&J rugby). I went right up to my room to try it out. I looked at myself in the mirror then laid down and humped till I came in it. Been going ever since.


I actually don't remember it, except at the time I was mistaken in feeling that it was constraining. In hindsight, I see that I was just not into constraint, yet.


I was in the 7th grade and the coach told us we needed to get a jock. I had no idea what a jock was. My mother went shopping for the jock and other PE clothes. The first day of gym was fun. We all got undressed and put on our jockstraps. I got a hard-on and boy it was hard stuffing that cock in the jock. All through school when ever I started to put on my jock I got hard. It was nice to see the naked boys like me in all stages of development. Some had pubic hair and some had none. I was developed thank goodness. Some kids were underdeveloped and boy were they made fun of by the others. Shower time was fun too. Striping those sweat filled jocks off and going in the gang shower. We also had jock inspection. Coach would have us in the gym and call jock inspection. We would all drop our shorts and stand in our jocks while he checked us out. For those who didn't have a jock, they received the paddle after their showers.


Seeing guys' jocks and cups and other protective gear laid out in their dorm or frat rooms.


Shooting my very first load while wearing one.


Seeing a jockstrap in my friend's room, from the locker room in high school, and from most athletic jocks who wear jockstraps.


Seeing a porno book my uncle had, which was my first experience seeing men have sex, plus my first awareness of jockstraps, which left a serious impression on my love for jockstraps. I especially love my strap when it's sweaty and smelly.


Not being into sports or ever wearing a jock while growing up. Sorry I missed it!


Appreciating the way guys look while wearing them. There's nothing that highlights both a guy's front and back better.


Seeing a guy I had a crush on in high school wearing a jockstrap in the boys' locker room and later feeling and smelling it after he took it off and went to take a shower.


Arrogant jocks in uniform; stealing gear from lockers.


Having to wear a jock during baseball seasons while I was in high school.


Wearing them in 5th grade on baseball little league teams.


Seeing athletes wearing jocks and thinking about how hot it would be to have sex with a jock wearing a jockstrap.


Playing baseball (catcher) for eight years through high school. Now, I wear it all the time.


The fact that jocks, more than anything, accentuate the male genitalia. They pull it up, push it out, and show off what's inside. Being one who loves size, it shows off just what I want what's inside!


Playing baseball (little league/jr. hi) I played catcher.


My jock fetish stems from a girlfriend who wore guy's briefs for me.


Given one by my parents when I was young (11?).   Never could put it on without getting an erection.


The first time I ever sucked another guy's penis was after school (9th grade) in the locker-room. We were both wearing jockstraps and I just pulled the fabric aside to let his cock out so I could suck him. I did the same to myself so I could jerk off while sucking him off.


When I was a little kid I changed into my swim trunks at the locker room at the pool. All the older guys (15-18) had huge dicks compared to mine and they all wore jocks. I watched a lot of horse play in the lockers and showers. The jock-straps made it real exciting, and I wanted to be close and to feel their jocks.


Buying jocks to work-out in after figuring out they were all different, I was hooked.


As a teen seeing the boxes at the stores and getting a woody. Seeing hot guys in the locker room with their bubble asses caressed by the white straps!